Company overview

We provide subject matter experts in Cloud Computing, Data Warehousing, Information Assurance, Cyber Security, IT Advisory, Systems Integration and Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Custom Software among other services. With expertise in Government and Private Enterprise sectors, CF’s Managed Security Services apply leading third-party tools along with the open source and proprietary tools to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to meet the needs of our broad based customers, thereby protecting the world’s most critical infrastructure from adversaries who wish to do harm and also to ensure we provide a rigid but robust and secure technology infrastructure. 




We are always responsive to the needs of each individual customer. Our guiding management philosophy is, ‘local operations, global coverage’ and our motto is 

“Do not just document the problem, fix IT.”

CyberFlare is committed to continuously making your entity smart, digital and efficient by significantly improving operational performance, and increasing security and availability for both our clients’ information and assets.

Our Vision
To be a reputable end to end converged digital transformation and technology efficacy enforcer services and solutions provider.
Our Mission
To ensure our clients can fully harness the benefits that digital transformation brings as it evolves.

We are committed to deliver on all our commitments.

We react quickly, combat and neutralize new and developing threats in a spontaneous manner. We are always working ahead of threats and saboteurs

Our strong corporate ethics generate trust and long-term value.

Service excellence is our central focus. Maintaining this focus will allow us to meet and exceed our targets.

We always give value to our esteemed clients, offering appropriate solutions and available technologies that meet the quality and adequacy requirements.


The Ngoboyi Innovation Centre
40 James Street, Ferndale
Randburg 2194

Phone: 011 472 5615 –  011 791 3440